Our Process





The GovernRight Framework

TPPG consultants are accredited to work with organisations on their Path to Good Governance© by implementing the GovernRight© Framework and building content to meet the seven pillars of good governance. The consultants are supported with best practice knowledge through GovernRight and work to take the theory of governance into practice. Governance implementation workshops to build the necessary content for good governance are available for: 

GovernRight Build Modern Good Governance Workshops

GovernRight Build is an online solution that helps facilitate our "Build Modern Good Governance Workshops".

By bringing this practical cloud technology into our workshop environment, our highly experienced facilitators help organisations develop and/or align the organisations governance content for effective and efficient modern governance.

Outputs from the Build Modern Good Governance Workshops include the following MS Word formatted governance documents:

  • Strategic Plan;

  • Emerging Governance Plan; and

  • Risk Appetite and Risk Management framework

With best practice templates by industry to get you started, the GovernRight Build technology and workshop solution is a fast path to a Good Governance framework for your organisation.




master licence holder to the GovernRight platform

Put simply, GovernRight© is a web-based tool that embeds Good Governance, supporting the Board to oversee, allowing the Management to manage.

GovernRight© is a platform

Supporting your Path to Good Governance©. The framework focuses on helping the Board with three key responsibilities:

  • the oversight of compliance risks - Compliance Governance;

  • monitoring the strategic plan implementation and performance risks - Performance Compliance; and

  • focused discussion on the management of changing/emerging trends - Emerging Governance.

By working closely with our clients we systematically improve the governance of their business by working through the 7 Good Governance Pillars.


GovernRight© leads Boards & Committees

Through a structured framework that is designed to ensure key risk and opportunity issues relevant to their enterprise are addressed on a regular and periodic basis and in the context of proper governance.

The system is designed to ensure that Board/Committee members discharge their governance obligations by asking the right questions and demonstrating an appropriate investigative process to show that the questions have been answered in a proper fashion and that relevant actions (where necessary) are identified, implemented and monitored.




Assessing your journey on the Path to Good Governance

Understanding the current governance culture and governance processes of an organisation provides an insight into the soul of the organisation and helps to identify key issues and areas for improvement.

Our methodology includes regular measurement of where you are on your Path to Good Governance© including benchmarking your progress over time as well as against other similar organisations. Measurement against the 7 Pillars of Good Governance are plotted on a visual matrix using our TPPG Benchmarking Tool and areas of weakness or inadequacy identified.




Professional Partners

TPPG has engaged a number of very experienced professionals who, using
the TPPG methodologies and frameworks, deliver our services to clients.

These professionals are called “Professional Partners”.

We have a number of Professional Partners who are able to assist with the development, planning, implementation and management of our governance frameworks within organisations.  Many of our Professional Partners have
the added advantage of industry specific experience including across the following areas:

  • Professional Services

  • Not-for-Profit

  • Sporting organisations

  • Charities

  • Manufacturing

  • Peak Body member representative organisations


Our Professional Partners are responsible

Driving those responsible for managing the business (often the owners/managers in smaller businesses or the Partners in professional service organizations)
to achieve their stretch targets, as well as mentoring them with practical,
real-life experience.

The Professional Partner takes responsibility for driving the implementation
of the organisation's strategic plan, on behalf of the owners. Often as the
“internal leader” or "close adviser" to the MD/CEO, the Professional Partner
drives the oversight of the organisation's support functions, enabling the owners/managers to focus their attention on the delivery of a quality service
to their clients and customers.

The independence of the Professional Partner from the day to day operations
of the organisation allows them to take the endorsed plan and drive a culture
of accountability and engagement, without fear or favour.

At regular mentoring meetings, the Professional Partner interprets the
financial drivers of organisation profitability and motivates the team
to achieve the agreed goals.

Our Professional Partner's involvement as the “driver of accountability”,
assists with building a culture of accountability and engagement at all
levels of the organisation.


Through our Professional Partners, we

  • Provide an independent, expert view on the key performance drivers required to improve profitability;

  • Support the achievement of optimum return, by delivering the “how” to achieve the improved profitability, not just “what” industry benchmarks show;

  • Provide advice from experts delivered independently with the best interests of the organisation in mind - without fear or favour;

  • Review the business drivers to identify any changes needed to current policy or structure to support the implementation of the business’s reward system;

  • Work with individual owners/partners to assist in managing performance to expectations. This involves face to face meetings with owners/partners and the preparation of regular written reports; and

  • (As necessary), work with key individuals to facilitate their buy-in and ownership of their personal objectives.